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Tools used by the Team

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Tools of the Trade there are so many different ways to solve any one problem. As our studio has grown we have experimented with many different pieces of software to help us build games.

Now that we have a bit more experience under our belt we'd like to share what has worked for us. Checkout our toolkit below and maybe you'll find something that helps your team as well.

Collaboration Tools

  • Discord
  • Miro
  • Google Drive
  • Trello

Communication is key to success in any project. Discord is our tool of choice when it comes to getting the group on a call and sharing screens, iterating on an idea, or communicating via chat throughout the day.

We use Miro to organize our thoughts, scribble on drawings, and generally brainstorm for game jams.

Google Drive is home to many of the documents that are core to the studio, we share documents used for business and project planning here.

Our tool of choice for organizing work is Trello. Its how we identify what is getting done now, what needs to get done next, and what we work we have on the horizon.

Development Tools

  • Git

Git is a version control tool that we would consider essential to developing games and software. We use GitHub to organize our various projects and share the codebases we are working on.


If you have suggestions for other tools you like or if you have any questions about how we use our toolkit, let us know on Discord!

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